Confronting Covid-19 – Suntory and ASC Take CSR Action

Confronting Covid-19 – Suntory and ASC Take CSR Action

Confronting Covid-19 – Suntory and ASC Take CSR Action
Shanghai, China – 28 February, 2020.

Mr. Takeshi Niinami, CEO of Suntory and Mr. Kong Xuanyou, Chinese ambassador to Japan held a meeting on 25 February, in which Mr. Niinami donated JPY50million on behalf of Suntory to the Chinese government to support its relief work in response to the novel coronavirus outbreak in China. Mr. Niinami offered Suntory’s sincerest support and sympathies for those affected in China. Suntory has long standing partnership with China and it is highly committed to supporting the Chinese government and the Chinese people in confronting the Covid-19 epidemic. It is Suntory’s desire that China will soon overcome this challenge and it expects the bilateral relationship and the exchanges between the two countries will come back to the normal track for a mutually prosperous partnership into the future. (Click here for the news on the Chinese embassy’s website

Mr. Takeshi Niinami, CEO of Suntory (left) making the donation to Mr. Kong Xuanyou, Chinese ambassador (right)

Suntory donates JPY50million to China to support the Covid-19 relief work in China

It has always been an important part of Suntory’s philosophy to be a responsible corporate citizen to give back generously to the society, customers and employees to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

As a member of the Suntory Group, ASC Fine Wines shares the important CSR value of Suntory and regards it as its duty to give back to the communities where it operates and to contribute to the sustainable development of the wine industry in China.

After the outbreak of Covid-19, ASC has worked with its partners to give its contribution to support the relief work in the virus stricken regions:
●  Immediately after the outbreak of Covid-19, ASC donated RMB100,000 from the ASC Charity Fund to Shanghai Charity Foundation to source preventative gears for frontline medical personnel in Hubei Province
●  ASC is working with its team and partners in Hubei to look for victims in the wine industry infected with Covid-19 to provide them with ASC’s support.
●  ASC Wine Auction Company is working with Shanghai Trade Association of Auction to organize charity auctions to raise fund for Covid-19 relief work.
●  On behalf of DBR Lafite, ASC’s strategic supplier partner, ASC donated EUR10,000 to the fundraising appeal by Shanghai Charity Foundation and The Paper News Group.

In the past 24 years ASC witnessed and overcame many challenges in the Chinese wine market, such as SARS and different levels of economic turmoil. With effective communication with and valuable support of its partners, ASC is confident that it will be more than a conqueror in the battle of everyone of us against Covid-19.

“Despite the seeming doom and gloom, daily stories of charity, magnanimity and heroism of the men and women of our industry against daunting odds is inspiring us, uplifting our spirits and steeling us with the fortitude to emerge from it to be stronger and more united.”, Yoshi Shibuya, CEO of ASC Fine Wines expressed.