ASC: We aim to be a lighthouse

ASC: We aim to be a lighthouse

21 March, 2019, Chengdu, China

ASC Fine Wines, the leading fine wine importer and distributor in China announced its corporate strategy during the 100thChina Food & Drinks Fair in Chengdu and expressed the company is committed to its mission that is to enrich consumers’ life with the world’s best wines and Suntory’s brands.

Established in 1996, ASC is a pioneer and a leader in the wine industry in China. It was described as China’s greatest fine wine importer by legendary wine critic Robert Parker. Since its acquisition by the global drinks giant Suntory in 2010, ASC has become a part of Suntory Group, exclusively importing and distributing over 100 world-renowned wine brands in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

“Our vision for ASC is to be a quality distribution platform which makes our brands shine and be a lighthouse for wine consumers and trade.” Yoshi Shibuya, CEO of ASC expressed, “Wine is not only a consumer product but also a cultural product. A glass of wine is more than the liquid it contains. Every bottle tells the story of its terroir, its value and its maker. Mediocre distributors are just box movers. ASC, like many great wine distributors in the world loves to tell stories and is able to make brands shine. That is the intrinsic value of ASC.

Every market has its own growing curve. There are ups and downs. Although the wine market in China has many issues to face now, over-reliance on big commercial brands, low quality OEM products, we are confident that the wine market in China will be better regulated, our trade friends will be more professional and consumers’ needs for wine will be more diversified. It is ASC’s desire to be a lighthouse showing the right way in the dark stormy waves.”

“With this as our vision that guides our everyday work, we achieved double-digit growth in 2018 which many considered as a very difficult year. In 2019 we want to achieve more qualitative development in many areas like portfolio refinement, category diversification, employees’ wine expertise upgrade and so on. We expect our portfolio will be able to demonstrate more of the artisanal aspects of our wines. We will expand our distribution to include premium spirits as well and likely other Suntory products. We will see our staff well trained and powerfully equipped to be proud ambassadors of these products and sell them well. ”, he said.

When asked about ASC and Suntory relationship, Shibuya explained: “ASC is a part of Suntory, consequently it is Suntory itself.  Just like a hand is a part of a person, therefore, it carries out the will of the person, thus the action made by the hand is the action of the person. China is an important battleground for Suntory’s international business in wines, spirits, drinks, etc. ASC is a critical part of the big strategy.”

“Suntory’s mission is to create harmony with people and nature. It seeks to promote richer, more fulfilling lives. ASC’s mission is to enrich consumers’ life with the world’s best wines and Suntory’s brands. It is crystal clear from our mission statement, our global strategy to local execution Suntory and ASC are ONE.” he added.