ASC Fine Wines and Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) Partnership Opens a New Chapter

ASC Fine Wines and Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) Partnership Opens a New Chapter

ASC Fine Wines, China’s leading fine wine importer and distributor announced today a new deal with DBR (Lafite). To support sustainable development in the ever changing market in China, agreed by both parties, ASC will retain the exclusive distribution of DBR (Lafite)’s Vina Los Vascos from Chile and Domaine d’Aussieres from France in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. This opens a new chapter in the history of ASC and DBR (Lafite) partnership.

“ASC and DBR (Lafite) have enjoyed exciting and fruitful partnership since it was forged almost a decade ago. We played an instrumental role in the development of each other, in a time when the entire wine market in China was booming in unprecedented scale and speed.” Yoshi Shibuya, CEO of ASC expressed.

“We are glad wine consumers in China are becoming more mature. Their needs are getting more diversified. Their quest for quality wines must be acknowledged. This is an exciting time for ASC because as a leading fine wine company, we must and we can satisfy such needs. I look ahead with great optimism. DBR (Lafite)’s Vina Los Vascos and Domaine d’Aussieres produce great wines by great people in great vineyards with terroir of great potential. They are the kind of wines that shine with artisanal brios. We are confident Los Vascos and Domaine d’Aussieres will help ASC to deliver value, quality and DBR (Lafite)’s tradition of excellence to consumers. ” he said in a media briefing in Chengdu after his recent visit in Vina Los Vascos to celebrate the winery’s 30th anniversary.

On 3 April, Baron Eric de Rothschild, owner of DBR (Lafite), hosted a dinner with ASC Fine Wines in Shanghai. During the dinner, Baron Eric commented on the partnership with ASC: “I am very pleased and grateful for our special partnership with ASC for so many years. Through ASC we have achieved extraordinary successes and made wonderful friends in China.”

As well as its exceptional portfolio of agency wines, ASC is justly proud of its fine wine experience in China.  As the industry pioneer, the company began its Bordeaux Grand Cru Classes business in 1999. Its annual Bordeaux en primeur campaign started in 2003. The renowned ASC fine wine auction was inaugurated in 1999 to cater the needs of Chinese collectors for rare fine wines. Moreover, in 2011, ASC became the first wine company that obtained the official auction license, which the company has dedicated to promote fine wines. Moving forward with ASC going back to its fine wine root, these iconic fine wines will make more profound contribution to ASC’s success.  The chateau wines of DBR (Lafite)’s will undoubtedly play its pivotal role in ASC’s grand plan.

“ASC and DBR (Lafite) are strongest friends and partners in this market. Our collaboration goes way beyond Los Vascos and Aussieres. I am proud that ASC is also one of DBR (Lafite)’s best customers of Chateau Lafite Rothschild and its other Chateau wines. Looking ahead, ASC and DBR (Lafite) is a partnership of interest, a partnership of values, a partnership of ambition for a shared future. We work side by side delivering values to consumers, opportunities for our companies and prosperity for all of our stakeholders. We will thrive together.” Shibuya emphasized in the meeting with Baron Eric.