Robert Weil

Robert Weil


The Rheingau is a unique, self-contained region on the Rhine where the man-made landscape and the vine are at one. Its long viticultural tradition was established by monasteries and large aristocratic wine estates. Despite its demands on soil and climate, the Riesling grape thrives here and is inextricably linked with the Rheingau and its viticulture.

The estate’s dedication to Riesling since 1875 has led numerous observers of the international wine world to regard Weingut Robert Weil, with its “château character,” as a worldwide symbol of German Riesling culture.

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Rheingau Riesling Tradition

Robert Weil Kiedrich Grafenberg Riesling Spatlese Grand Cru

Kiedrich Grafenberg Riesling Auslese

  1.0 Stars  0-300 RMB

  2.0 Stars  300-800 RMB

  3.0 Stars  800-1500 RMB

  4.0 Stars  1500-3000 RMB

  5.0 Stars  > 3000 RMB

1.0 Stars

1.0 Stars

1.0 Stars