In 1914, Pere Ferrer Bosch started the cava business near Barcelona, producing a natural sparkling wine following the method used in Champagne. Today the Freixenet Group is a world leader in sparkling wine developed through the traditional method.

The company, known for its dynamic and innovative marketing strategies, uses exceptional packaging – a black bottle for Cordon Negro and golden bottle for Carta Nevada – and famous artists such as Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, to support its brand. Today, Freixenet is recognised around the world for its festive and glamorous image.

Freixenet,one of the largest producers of Methode Champenoise wines in the world, makes fresh, fruity sparkling wine- perfect for celebrations and everyday enjoyment.

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Product List

Freixenet Cordon Rosado Semi Seco

Freixenet Gran Reserva Dolores Sala

Freixenet Carta Nevada

Freixenet ICE CAVA

1 Stars

1 Stars

1 Stars

1 Stars

Freixenet Cordon Negro

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1.0 Stars 0-300 RMB

2.0 Stars 300-800 RMB

3.0 Stars 800-1500 RMB

4.0 Stars 1500-3000 RMB

5.0 Stars > 3000 RMB

1 Stars