Domaine Ferret

Domaine Ferret


Founded in 1840, Domaine Ferret produces the premium fine wines that the appellation Pouilly-Fuisse can offer. The winery’s philosophy is to consistently produce wines of exceptional quality from old vines by lowering down the yields. The Têtes de Cru and Cuvee Hors Classe proposed here are produced in very distinctive climates and only use hand-picked noble grapes conferring a unique taste to each of them.

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Autour de Fuisse Pouilly Fuisse White

Le Clos Têtes de Cru, Pouilly-Fuisse White

Les Menetrieres Cuvee Hors Classe, Pouilly-Fuisse White

  1.0 Stars  0-300 RMB

  2.0 Stars  300-800 RMB

  3.0 Stars  800-1500 RMB

  4.0 Stars  1500-3000 RMB

  5.0 Stars  > 3000 RMB

2.0 Stars

2.0 Stars

2.0 Stars